Enjoy our latest album "Punkanomics"

Meet the guys!

Blaine Gorze

Guitar, Vox, Virgo, Loverboy
  • Hand Massage – 15$
  • At Home Dentistry – 20$
  • DIY acupuncture - 13$
  • Backrubs- 15$
  • Anything Goes- 17$

Brian Ward

Enchanter, Drums, Pipes, Leg Man
  • Palm reading – 15$
  • Full frontal – 20$
  • Dealer's Choice - 13$
  • Total Makeover- 15$
  • Feng Shui- 17$

Dylan Samore

Fingerman, Bass, Body Hair, Notary
  • Taffy – 15$
  • Grave Digging – 40$
  • Haberdasher - 13$
  • Mead - 15$
  • Trampoline Repair 17$

Matt Danger

Authentic Pasta, Vox, Bass, Pugilist
  • Margarita - 11 $
  • Foot Massage- 13$
  • Quatro Formaggi - 13$
  • Special - 16$
  • Magician's Assistant - 20$

NEW Music Video "GREYHOUND" out now

Too Many Dudes, Not Enough Beachballs, 1 Live Show

100% live raw footage used from our last show August 20, 2021 downtown @ Dante's Portland, OR. Recorded and cut by Tim Slew @ Soundlapse Media.

Banana hammocks, NWS flag, and gratuitous dancing by Shane McLemore and Brian Ward from Secnd Best.

The single "GREYHOUND" is available on iTunes, Spotify 

NEWish Music Video "BONES"

3 dudes, 2 locations, 1 song

Location: Portland, OR 1430 SE Powell Blvd.

Designed for short attention spans and guys with fake tans. Bones is track 1 off "Punkanomics" 2020 full length record

This music video was done in one day and we think it really shows that Matt showed up late and they did the best they could to shoot it and edit it on Blaine's phone!


OLD music video "Face Full of Lead"

From the "Railroader" EP (2012)

Once upon a Ninjas there was a fabled four-piece NWS band. This is evidence that was not merely an hallucinated event!

Good times at the Hawthorne Theatre in Portland, OR opening for Joe Sib's standup performance with Rendered Useless and My Life In Black and White in 2012

STILL don't believe us?

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Fun Facts:

If Ninjas With Syringes were a house:
3 Beds, 2 Baths, 167 m²

Together Ninjas With Syringes weigh 713 lbs!

Ninjas With Syringes favorite color is periwinkle chartreuse!

Ninjas With Syringes symbolizes: purity, love, friendship, womanhood, and honor

Location: All 3 members live in Oregon. 

Designed for a family of 5, Ninjas With Syringes is a beautifully decorated, modern 3 member melodic punk band that compliments road trips, adrenaline, and love on the rocks

This band is largely influenced by their friends, companions, the great outdoors, and a lot of generas including old crusty rock records from the 60's to modern day groups, comedians, and artists out there making it happen on their own terms instead of making excuses

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