Upcoming Shows
 11Ninjas With Syringes, Hot Won't Quit, Wild Bill McMenamins White Eagle (Portland, OR)
1332 Records Presents:Ninjas With Syringes, Pop Overkill, 
Forty Ounces
 Liquid (Boise, ID)
 14Ninjas With Syringes Viking Bar (Spokane, WA)
 16Ninjas With Syringes Zootown Arts Community Center (Missoula, MT)
 17Ninjas With Syringes Kraken (Seattle, WA)
 18Ninjas With Syringes, Random Orbits, Past Tense of Draw Wally's House of Booze (Wenatchee, WA)
 20Ninjas With Syringes, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, 48 Thrills Twilight (Portland, OR)
Past shows

 3The Willapa Music Festival - Ninjas With Syringes, Thunder Pussy, Problems, Wild Bill + More 
 The Clam Shack (Long Beach, WA)
 5Ninjas With Syringes, Hot Won't Quit, Brigadier The World Famous Kenton Club (Portland, OR)
 13 My Life In Black And White, Wild Bill, Kids On Fire, Ninjas With Syringes Twilight Lounge (Portland, OR)
 16 48 Thrills, Caskitt, Fools Rush, Ninjas With Syringes Twilight Cafe (Portland, OR)


28Ninjas With Syringes, Jet Force Gemini, STAB in the BACK 
Kelly's Olympian (Portland, OR)
Pageripper, 48 Thrills, Western Settings, The Brass, Ninjas With Syringes
The Tonic Lounge (Portland, OR)
 28  Ninjas With Syringes , The Brass , TBA Wally's House Of Booze (Wenatchee, WA)
 27  Ninjas With Syringes , The Brass, TBA  House Show (Tacoma, WA)
 26   Ninjas With Syringes , The Brass, TBA  Kraken (Seattle, WA)
 25  Ninjas With Syringes , The Brass, TBA Shanahan's (Vancouver, WA)
 16 Torches To Triggers, Ninjas With Syringes , Faithless Saints, Wild Bill  Rotture (Portland, OR)
 11  Survay Says!, Ninjas With Syringes , The Shoestringers, 9 Gauge, Hollywise Analog Cafe (Portland, OR)


Ninjas With Syringes , Nothing Like You, Jet Force Gemini, Laurelhurst, Medium Size Kids, Hollywise, Trunks, Danger! Danger! Danger!, Artifice 
  Analog Cafe & Theater (Portland, OR)
 6Ninjas With Syringes, Jake Powell & the Young Lover, PerilsMcmenamin's White Eagle (Portland, OR) 
 4The Ataris, Ninjas With Syringes , Atlas and the Astronaut, Brigadier  Hawthorne Theater (Portland, OR)

 26Angry Lions, Ninjas With Syringes , Faithless Saints, Broken BodiesTonic Lounge (Portland, OR)
 18Ninjas With Syringes , Ruff Hausen 
Shanahan's (Vancouver, WA) 
 2  The Brass, Wild Bill, Poke Da Squid, Ninjas With Syringes, Gums, Smothers Fuckers (feat. Mr. Plow)  Ash Street Saloon (Portland, OR)