Live and Let Bro Tour Wrap-up

April 8, 2015



We are simultaneously thrilled and somewhat relieved to say that the "Live And Let Bro Tour", featuring Ninjas With Syringes and The Brass, has come to a pleasant end and was a HUGE success! Both bands went out there and played their hearts out every night to enthusiastic crowds for five nights of non-stop,  packed punk rock shows across the Great Northwest. 


We were blown away by the passion of everyone we met and as well as the bands. We can safely say the friendships and memories we made along the way will be cherished in our hearts for years to come, and unlike our pants, they can never be replaced. To everyone that helped make the tour happen, booked us, lodged us, put up with our shit, or just bought a T shirts or CD- we would like to say thank you. This was a great reminder of why we do this in the first place and why we should do it more. So- WE ARE.


We are extremely pleased to announce the follow up tour, featuring The Brass & Ninjas With Syringes , hitting the road together again this July for two weeks of shows through California, Mexico , and Nevada . Strap on your party pants because we're taking ours off.


The tour will be in support of the Ninjas With Syringes full length , Jetsetter, and the new Brass album , out soon on No Pants Records.


Get stoked and see you on the road soon.



No Pants Records

Distribution News

February 13, 2015

Currently,we are in the process of trying to remove our content from iTunes (temporarily)and ending our business relationship with our distributor. For those with short attention spans, the moral of the story is: PLEASE STOP BUYING OUR ALBUM!!First time for everything, right? And even more importantly: WE WILL BE DOING A SECOND, EVEN BETTER, MAYBE EVEN GRAND, IF YOU WILL, RELEASE. Read on for an explanation of this tomfoolery.


Like all creative and adventurous types, we decided to try something new. After exhausting several pots of coffee, multiple cocktails and hours of research, we went with a new digital distributor for the latest Ninjas With Syringes release, “Jetsetter.” We always aim to provide high quality content in a fun, easily accessible way but we also aim to stay on the cutting edge and let our experiences help all the musicians on the No Pants label as well as the community (some might say family) of musicians we are a part of.


Long story short: We did you guys a huge favor! We got screwed! Fortunately, in an abundance of caution, we only did a soft release of the album on iTunes.Unfortunately, our new distributor (Ditto Music) has not forwarded any of our revenues to us, nor will respond to email. And they’re definitely not returning our calls. This is sounding more and more like a one night stand. Does she even know my name?


If you would like the album, please do not buy it through iTunes. Pressed copies are already on their way to us and will soon be available on We are already in talks with our old digital distributor as well as another new distributor, because WE ARE RESILIENT AND BRAVE, OR INCREDIBLY FOOLISH. Thanks for sticking with us anyway!